For Overseas Fencers

From President of FJE

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Greetings to you for the year 2016. It is the year to complete our Fencing Family’s efforts put in since the 2012 London Olympics. It is the year of the Rio Olympics and is the year to start our new journey toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.


As Japan is to host the Games, I feel that the members of our federation should be the representative of the voice for all national federations on their behalf. Thus, I am committed to strengthen our organization in all Japan and in all disciplines, taking in the past, present, and future situations of our fencing community.


I hope that fencers and officials from the world would start coming to Japan and inspire together how fencing is an exciting real sport.


With all of your support, I try my best for the great development and success in fencing starting from Japan, cultivating in Asia and expanding to the world.


Thank you.



Japan Fencing Federation / Fédération Japonaise d’Escrime

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